How should Evernote do right now?

A few years ago Evernote was the number 1 notes app all over the world, and everybody loves it.

We can see articles everywhere talking about how to use it to keep notes and organize your notes, and even create your own knowledge library.

But several years passed, what do we read now?

Last word from these is really intersting, “Evernote, you should think about why pepople are trying to get rid of you!”

So I wanna give Evernote some advices and hope it would be great again, and provide us good services:

  1. Remove 60M/month limit
  2. Add Markdown support (you should listen to the community)
  3. Focus on notes itself (I know you are working on this, but do it better)
  4. Free offline notes (be nice to your users)

If Evernote can fix all these things I talked about, I think it still get a chance.