Return text with Nginx

There is always a time that you want your web server just return some plain text to user or monitor services. One way of doing it is to create a static file and use url of this file.

How to configuration Nginx with and uwsgi

Before you start, you should know how to install nginx and uwsgi, and have them already installed.

How to build a boot2docker ISO with VirtualBox Guest Additions

In previous post, I talked about docker. But with boot2docker, there’s a big issue, that is you cannot mount local directories in container.

Create a MariaDB service on CentOS with Docker

Learning Docker for a long time, this is my first time to create a service with it. In Docker’s concept, each service should have a container, and your application may comes with many containers.

Rabbitmq and Pika

Install rabbitmq

It’s really easy to install rabbitmq on any linux distro.



如何在OS X里装postgresql和Ruby下的Gem

在OS X里装postgresql有很多方法: